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Seven amazing apps for entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. You have to wear many hats – CEO, finance, marketing, sales, admin, IT – and multitask your way through the different roles, all the while trying to grow and expand your young business. Increasingly entrepreneurs are taking to business apps to keep their companies running smoothly. With that in mind, here are seven of the best apps to help you grow.

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From startup to public company: Building a business in the UAE

Going public and building a thriving international business is the aim of entrepreneurs the world over. From London to Tokyo, Los Angeles to Hong Kong, New York to Dubai, behind every startup is the dream of making it big with a flotation. And why not think big? Like politics, business is the art of the possible. All the great international companies started small. Why not your idea, your company?

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What can we learn from Dubai’s shopping mall phenomenon?

As the fourth most visited city in the world, Dubai’s reputation as the leading leisure destination in the UAE is firmly established. Now as the city gears up to host the World Expo 2020, it is expanding its horizons and encouraging entrepreneurs to think big again. So today we’re going to look at one of Dubai’s most famous features – its malls. Yes, they’re cutting-edge retail environments, but what does their success mean for those involved in any form of business (large or small) in the emirate?

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Five signs that you have a great business idea

It may come to you while you’re working late, travelling to the office, or even when you’re struggling to sleep at 2am, but there’s no mistaking the amazing feeling that hits you when you believe you’ve just come up with a great business idea – the “game changer”, as it were. The question is, how do you know whether it’s as good as you think it is? In this article we take a closer look at what you need to do to properly analyse that business idea.

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How to choose a name for your UAE company

Naming anything is difficult: A business, a product, a child. Whatever name you come up with, there will always be an element of doubt in your mind – could you have come up with something better? But at some point you have to make a decision. First, though, you need some ideas. Where do you start? And what are some of the technical and legal considerations when it comes to UAE company names?

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food trucks dubai

Are food trucks Dubai’s next big startup business opportunity?

Time for a lunch break? Or maybe it’s not even about lunch, but an entrepreneurial opportunity in the making. Because you may have noticed a change in Dubai recently: An abundance of food trucks. It’s a trend spreading throughout the UAE and the world – according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, an estimated 2.5 billion people worldwide eat ‘street food’ on a daily basis.

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Why the UAE is ready for your green business idea

When many people think of Dubai, the word ‘green’ doesn’t come to mind. Yet in both public and private sectors, a huge amount of work is going on to turn the city into a more environmentally-friendly place. And given Dubai’s success at most things it sets out to achieve, you probably wouldn’t want to bet against it. What this means is that there are opportunities for green businesses, and organisations that support them, across the emirates. We’re talking about that perfect meeting point where visionary business leaders pioneer real solutions to environmental issues – essentially, turn a profit by doing the right thing.

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A look at three very cool UAE home grown companies

We talk a lot about the sheer number of businesses setting up in Dubai, but what’s equally impressive is the incredible diversity of industries in which they are working. The Brookings Global Metro Monitor ranks metropolitan economies around the world and puts Dubai in an incredible fifth place in terms of “overall performance”, while the Global Innovation Index (GII) study found the UAE to be the most innovative country in the Middle East. This is all about Dubai pushing forward in technological development and encouraging public/private sector collaboration. The end result: An amazing playing field for businesses. Let’s take a look at three which have taken full advantage of the infrastructure to rise to new heights.

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A look at four UAE-based companies that have raised some serious venture capital

While venture capitalists may have deep pockets, they only got that way through calculated, shrewd and precise investments. Pick any renowned venture capitalist at random and chances are they have probably only invested in around 1-2% of the businesses they’ve evaluated — or perhaps far fewer! This is what makes these four UAE companies all that much more impressive. Let’s have a look at some of our homegrown successes.

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Business opportunities in the UAE’s clean energy sector

Our polluting technologies have been a key factor behind climate change, pumping excessive carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as we burn fossil fuels like oil and gas to get the necessary energy for our daily living needs. Meanwhile, our very reliance on these fossil fuels has meant they have become harder and more expensive to source. So we know we need energy to keep the lights on and we also know oil, gas and coal are finite resources that are causing a great deal of damage. It’s for these reasons that the UAE has led the way in becoming an early adopter and leading country for promoting renewable energy sources, and why there are big opportunities on the horizon for the green-preneur.

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