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Sales statistics – focus on those that matter, ignore those that don’t

It’s easy to get statistics wrong; and just as easy to popularise skewed numbers. What they lack in truth, they make up for in being memorable and easily exchanged in casual conversation. So, in a world full of misleading stats, which ones matter for us as salespeople? And which ones can we safely ignore?

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Startup success by the numbers – battling the odds

Starting a new business is a gamble. You can have a great idea, research your market, draw up your business plan and burn the midnight oil, but you can’t be certain how things will unfold. There are around 300,000 small and medium enterprises in the UAE, but the picture isn’t always rosy. Starting a new business in the Gulf region is complicated, competitive and a constantly shifting picture. Let’s look at the odds you have to battle to become a start up success. 

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Five signs that you are not ready to be an entrepreneur

It has never been easier to become an entrepreneur, with lower barriers to entry than ever before. But are you ready? In this article we take a look at five signs that you are in fact not ready to make the leap. Does any of this look familiar? 

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Seven things salespeople get wrong – and how to fix them

What’s the difference between a great salesperson and a mediocre one? A 2016 report looked into the behavioural traits that separate ‘world class’ salespeople from everyone else. Responses were gathered around the world, talking to everyone from account managers to executives. What did they find? Out of the 1,206 respondents only 7.7% met the criteria for ‘world-class sales performance.’ So what was everyone else doing wrong? And what can we all do to make sure our teams are in that group right at the top?

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The seven worst things you can do during negotiations

It’s a skill that every professional needs, and to some extent it’s used in almost every workplace interaction. But it’s not easy. Successful negotiation requires the right attitude and approach – a delicate blend of art and science, behaviour and preparation. The fact is, most people make key mistakes just about every time they negotiate, and so in this article we’re taking a look at the top seven errors to avoid.

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Five signs you’re ready to start your own business

If the desire is there, my advice is to go for it. The world is full of ‘wantrepreneurs’ who always had the urge to start a business but just never felt ready due a combination of fear and self-doubt. Don’t let that hold you back. Of course, a little qualifying never hurt anyone, and if you can get some cues in advance that will hint at whether or not you have what it takes to be a successful business owner, that extra confidence can be worth its weight in gold. With that in mind, let’s look at five signs that you are sure-fire entrepreneur material.

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The nine keys to unlocking great public speaking

Seeing as most of us are absolutely terrified of public speaking, you’d think we’d be best to avoid it altogether, right? Wrong, because there are so many benefits to be had from becoming a strong public speaker and a regular on your industry-speaking circuit. It’s a confidence builder, it lets you be viewed as a thought leader, it helps you make business contacts you could only dream of otherwise — in short, it will help you grow your business. Ok, you’ve told me about some of the advantages. But how about telling me how to become a great public speaker? Well without further ado, let’s get right into that with a look at nine key things you need to do.

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