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Are you being a nice boss?

In a paper titled Happiness and Productivity from the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick it was found that happiness made people around 12% more productive. This was based on studying over 700 participants. A lot of this starts from the top – with how you, the boss, behave. So ask yourself, are you being a nice boss? Have a look at our six-point checklist to see if you make the grade.

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How to get the most out of these five employee types

Sometimes you will just know how your staff are going to react to tasks and challenges. But for those other moments when you’re surprised by them, here is a guide to five types of employees that every boss will recognise, and some vital tips on how to get the best out of each of them.

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The essential talent qualifier checklist

The search for those with the “right stuff” needs to be high up on the business owner’s to-do list at any given time. But recruiting and recruiting right are two different things, and first-time entrepreneurs in particular must appreciate the extreme challenges when it comes to screening talent. Here we look at five methods that must be employed if you are to give yourself the best chance of selecting the right people to help grow your business.

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3 tricky employee types

Working with others is always a challenge in some form or another, and you will come across a number of different personality types and working styles that will require varying approaches in terms of how you choose to interact. In this article we take a look at three “tricky” employee types that, depending on the type of boss (and person) you are, may just cause your frustrations to get the better of you.

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Finding the right leadership language

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just push a button and say the right thing every time? I would like such a button. One that ensures without fail that I find the perfect words and tone for each situation and individual. Now while no such button will ever hit the market, you can take comfort in the fact that there are a few basic rules you can live by in terms of leadership communication. In this article I present five such rules that will make things a lot easier on you – and a lot easier on those employees of yours who are, in many respects, very much at your mercy.

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If I had to prioritise business to do’s, this is how I’d do it

You, as business owner and leader and chief strategist, should be focused on a few key areas above all others – areas that are geared towards company growth and market dominance. No, it does not mean you do not look at other aspects of the business, but your attention and your time always need to be focused on a few no-nonsense and practical pursuits that are ultimately your company’s building blocks in the beginning, and its foundation at all times.

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Building is done with others, so learn how to work with others

Building and managing a team is a huge challenge for all entrepreneurs, but particularly for the first-time business owner who is in many cases learning by trial and error. Some never get it right; however, those who recognise it for the challenge that it is tend to refine their skills and over time find some sort of happy medium when it comes to interacting with others on the boss-employee level.

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The top 4 things business owners need to periodically review

At least once a quarter you should put forth these four questions with the right people from your team, gather all necessary intelligence to ensure you have the right info at your fingertips to take the best decisions, and then do whatever is necessary to stay on top of these core fundamentals.

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If you want to grow your company, you need to hire

If you want to build a business that leaves a mark on this world, that lifts you up to true entrepreneurial greatness (and that makes you a rich individual in the process), you won’t be getting there alone. A team is needed. You need to build, and you need to have that “teamwork” mindset from day one.

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