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Tips for working when the kids are around

As every mumpreneur out there knows, if you don’t work around the kids, then you won’t get much done at all. And you know what else working mums are all too aware of? That working around the kids is far easier said than done! So how about some ideas then from fellow mums out there on how to pull it off successfully? We’ve got just that. Virtuzone reached out to a number of our mumpreneurs who have registered UAE companies with us, and brought together a “top 10” list of ways in which you can get work done while the kids are around (or at least have a better shot at getting work done!).

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The minimalist mumpreneur: Keeping it simple for success

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this then it’s unlikely you are one of the daring few to have chucked the mobile phone and headed for the hills to live a life of self-sufficiency. In fact, you may have no desire to live off the grid – especially if you are relishing the busy mix of running your business and caring for your family. But whatever your stance, one thing is for sure: Life can at times get way too complicated, especially in the fast-paced UAE business environment. But how can a minimalist approach help the busy mumpreneur who is tackling the tough demands of the business world and keeping on top of childcare?

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The mumpreneur wish list

Entrepreneurs are busy. Mumpreneurs are busier. While mumpreneurship offers greater control, flexibility and potential financial rewards than most nine-to-fives (all while allowing mothers to focus on raising their children) there is not one mumpreneur who hasn’t created a wish list in her mind, an “If only…” list that would make the day just that little bit more manageable. So check out the top four “If only” moments on our mumpreneur wish list – and tips on how to make them a reality.

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Six tips on how to avoid a burnout as a ‘mumpreneur’

As a busy mumpreneur, you already know all about the daily trials and tribulations that are part and parcel of running a business while raising your children full time. What you may not know, however, is how much of a toll juggling these two important jobs can take on you in terms of damaging your wellbeing. As well as causing both mental and physical exhaustion, burnout can also lead to many serious stress-related health problems.

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Mastering the art of delegating

Suffice it to say that mumpreneurs need an abundance of skills in their arsenal to keep on top of the challenges they face on a daily basis. However, if there is one skill that’s required above all else, it is the art of delegation. Whether you are running a small business with a few employees in house, or working solo and getting support from freelancers – or doing neither but are clearly in need of support from others – you’ll want to make sure that you understand what it takes to be a great delegator.

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Five ways women entrepreneurs have an advantage over their male counterparts

According to the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, companies led by women entrepreneurs recorded 13% higher revenues than those led by men. But what’s behind all this? Are there truly entrepreneurial traits unique to women that lend themselves time and again to overall better business performance? While perhaps not so easy to quantify, we can definitely identify and focus on some key areas where women entrepreneurs indeed have the edge.

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Five key traits of the successful mumpreneur

Every entrepreneur needs a toolkit packed with skills and character traits to help effectively navigate what is one of life’s greatest challenges (that is, building a business). And when we are talking about the mumpreneur who is also juggling a busy parenting role (another of life’s greatest challenges), it’s fair to say that the toolkit needs to be more of an arsenal! The truth is, mumpreneurs who achieve success do so because they are better at that which is often so elusive to just about all entrepreneurs: work-life balance. In no other role is working and home life so tightly entwined, and making a go of it requires a unique outlook that lends to the development of the key skills and traits that will help you achieve that balance and tide you through on the long and taxing journey that lies before you.

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Five consultancy-based business ideas for the entrepreneurial-minded mum

There are a growing number of women here in the UAE and around the world who are able to successfully run that small business while being completely committed to their number one job of being a mother. So what exactly are some of the key professions for the mumpreneur to choose from? While there are too many to list, what we will do in this latest article in our “Virtuzone Mumpreneurship Series” is look at five separate opportunities in the consultancy arena.

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Mumpreneur advice from the pros: Tackling the biggest challenges

What are some of these biggest challenges mumpreneurs face in their dual roles? For this let’s turn to a few mumpreneur pros who have been there and done that to see not only what they recognise as the greatest struggles of mumpreneurship but, more importantly, how they deal with them.

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