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How to become a motivational leader

It’s one thing to be motivated. It’s another to be motivational. Over the years, the vast majority of investigations into what motivates employees have come to similar conclusions: It is not always the more obvious incentives such as money, rather it is the actions of other people, often those in senior positions. Inspiration, praise and acknowledgement from leaders ranked higher as effective motivators than financial incentives such as pay raises and bonuses. If employee motivation is so important, and the source of that motivation more often than not comes from leadership, the next question is: What are you doing to ensure you are a motivational leader?

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Five ways the startup leader is failing the team and the company

A poorly performing startup owner with an inflated sense of self (or simply one who can’t make decisions) is likely to create more challenges than solutions. The result of bad leadership can be conflicts with and between staff – and a business that will turn in the wrong direction. in short, bad leadership could easily derail a startup. So here we identify those negative traits that will likely mean a founder doesn’t get good results from employees.

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Lessons from the toughest bosses that ever were

While I’m sure most of us have a tale or two to share about a dreadful manager that we were more than glad to see the last of, what exactly constitutes a horrible boss? And what lesson can be learned from the “get it done at all cost” type of boss that, indeed, got the job done? Quite an important lesson, in fact.

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Finding the right leadership language

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just push a button and say the right thing every time? I would like such a button. One that ensures without fail that I find the perfect words and tone for each situation and individual. Now while no such button will ever hit the market, you can take comfort in the fact that there are a few basic rules you can live by in terms of leadership communication. In this article I present five such rules that will make things a lot easier on you – and a lot easier on those employees of yours who are, in many respects, very much at your mercy.

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What it’s like working for a startup

Are you startup employee material, or big corporate? Do you like the fast-paced and possibly even confusing environment of a startup where your job title might not mean all that much because you’ll be filling different roles at different times? Or would you rather do the 9 to 5, tucked away in that cubicle waiting for the orders to trickle down from wherever they come down from? The environments really are quite different, and in this article I explore just that. From working hours to recognition to pay, let’s see what the startup world is serving up.

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Building is done with others, so learn how to work with others

Building and managing a team is a huge challenge for all entrepreneurs, but particularly for the first-time business owner who is in many cases learning by trial and error. Some never get it right; however, those who recognise it for the challenge that it is tend to refine their skills and over time find some sort of happy medium when it comes to interacting with others on the boss-employee level.

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If you want to grow your company, you need to hire

If you want to build a business that leaves a mark on this world, that lifts you up to true entrepreneurial greatness (and that makes you a rich individual in the process), you won’t be getting there alone. A team is needed. You need to build, and you need to have that “teamwork” mindset from day one.

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