Business opportunities in Dubai

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Business opportunities in Dubai

Are you planning to establish a business in the United Arab Emirates? If you are searching for attractive business opportunities in a region that has the potential to reach more consumers, then Dubai should be top of your list. It is one of the seven emirates of the UAE, but it is the most famous one. Being the commercial capital of the UAE, Dubai offers unlimited business opportunities.

There are several things that make Dubai attractive to most business people. First, the city is well connected to the rest of the world. Its strategic geo-location makes it easy to do business with various part of the globe. Businesses situated in Dubai have the potential to reach over a billion people from neighbouring countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, CIS, and West Asia. Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest and well-connected in the world.

The city offers one of the lowest corporate taxes worldwide. There are several free trade zones in the city that attract businesses from across the globe. On top of this, Dubai is investor friendly, and its cost of living is lower than in most developed cities. With well-developed infrastructure, technology, and logistical connection, the city attracts diverse investors.

In recent years, there has been increased investment in the services industries such as tourism, finance, media, and technology, as well as the real estate sector. There are many other factors that make Dubai such a booming entrepreneurial scene.

In recent years, there has been increased investment in the services industries such as tourism, finance, media, and technology, as well as the real estate sector.

The leaders in Dubai are constantly improving the business environment for investors. They are committed to providing the best facilities and reviewing its progressive policies. Setting up a business is easier if you have all the requirements. Fortunately, there are partners such as Virtuzone who can help to ease the process of setting up a business in Dubai.

If you are looking to start a business in Dubai, there are enough opportunities in various industries. Here are the top business opportunities in Dubai you can start with minimal capital but a strong ROI.


The advertising industry, especially digital media, continues to show signs of growth. In Dubai, there is a huge opportunity for advertising professionals. If you plan to get into this industry, there are several avenues and business models you can consider. Some top advertising business opportunities are brand development, 3D modeling and animation, and media buying. Others include advertising campaign developing, outdoor specialty advertising and many others.

Business Opportunities in Dubai - Advertising


One of the things that Dubai is famous for is fashion apparel. Dubai is a popular shopping destination – Millions of customers from around the globe converge here to shop. So, if you are a fashion enthusiast, this could be the business opportunity that will connect you with global customers. Whether you are supplying women’s clothing, men’s clothing or kids wear, there is a demand in Dubai. You will get better returns if you focus on trendy models such as a boutique shop, alteration service, costume rental, children’s designer clothing, custom button making, or any other similar model.


There are several large and medium-sized businesses in Dubai and the whole of the UAE. So, there is demand for professionals and firms that offer bookkeeping services. If you have a background in finance or accounting, there this is an opportunity you can profit from. You need almost zero capital to start a bookkeeping firm.


One of the most profitable business opportunities in Dubai is offering consultancy services. While it may demand extensive experience, the benefits outweigh the challenges. Before you start a consultancy business in Dubai, make sure you have all the applicable licenses from the authorities.


ECommerce is a growing sector worldwide, but there are even more opportunities in Dubai. The eCommerce sector in the region is not as developed as in the US, Europe, or China. But what is exciting is that there are a lot of shoppers you can target. You can make their shopping adventure more convenient by connecting them with local retailers.


One of the unique features of Dubai is the presence of a huge number of expats of various nationalities. So, there is a big opportunity for anyone who can set up specialty schools. There is also an opportunity to target working populations in segments such as hospitality, IT, and the arts. Education is one of the most profitable opportunities. The main requirements that you need are certifications, licenses, and infrastructure. If you don’t want to start a new school, you can buy a franchise. Business Opportunities in Dubai - Education

Real Estate 

Today, real estate is one of the biggest industries in the United Arab Emirate. Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world; the Burj Khalifa. It also has many skyscrapers, the biggest malls, artificial islands, and many commercial and residential projects. So, there are opportunities in various segments of real estate. You can decide to venture into real estate development, property management, or brokerage.

What makes real estate so lucrative in this city is the large number of visitors the city receives each year. There is also a huge population of expatriates who need properties to rent or buy. If you are planning to set up a real estate agency, you need to have all the licenses required to operate.

Recruitment Agency 

The demand for skilled labour is ever rising. As the economy continues to grow, a skilled workforce is required to drive various industries. Each year, there are many businesses setting up offices in Dubai. Sometimes, these companies face challenges finding the right skills. The indigenous population makes up less than 1% of the workforce. Also, there is a challenge of the language barrier.

Already, the country has a shortage of professionals such as medical, IT, engineers, accountants, and construction workers. The gap has to be filled by foreign workers. So, there is a ready market for recruitment agencies. You will solve a major problem for these businesses if you can find a way of connecting skilled job seekers from developing countries to the companies in Dubai. Apart from demand, what makes recruitment agencies such a lucrative opportunity is because they need minimal capital.


While there is less concern for security in Dubai when compared to other cities in developed countries, businesses and individuals here are not leaving anything to chance. They need security firms who can offer guards and security gadgets to protect their assets. If you have business knowledge and resources to set up a private security firm, there is a huge demand. Even if you don’t want to get directly into protecting assets for these clients, you can sell them security systems and equipment.

While there is less concern for security in Dubai when compared to other cities in developed countries, businesses and individuals here are not leaving anything to chance.


There are many unexhausted opportunities in the transport sector. Dubai is a haven for tourism. One of the sectors that benefits directly from tourism is transportation. So, starting a transportation company can yield an impressive return for a passionate entrepreneur. The opportunities range from trans-city transport services to local taxi services. The economy of the country is expected to grow in 2018, so there is a high chance that this will have a direct impact on critical sectors such as transportation.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully you have identified a profitable idea from the above list of business opportunities in Dubai. For the process and legal requirements, you don’t have to worry because Virtuzone is here to assist you. Remember that although Dubai is a lucrative business destination, there are rules that you have to learn and obey. As long as you play by the books, you have nothing to worry about.

Setting up your own business has never been easier. Virtuzone takes care of it all so you can focus on what matters – building your business. For more information about company formation in the UAE mainland or free zones, please call us on +971 4 457 8200, send an email to, or click here.


About the author: Neil Petch, Chairman at VirtuGroup

About the author: Neil Petch, Chairman at VirtuGroup

With a history of business successes, Neil Petch is well known in the UAE and beyond as a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for helping others establish and grow their own businesses. Neil founded Virtuzone in 2009 and quickly established it as the region’s leading company formation expert, before launching VirtuGroup, a holding company that has a wider mandate of supporting startups from establishment; to successful market entry; and all the way through to exit.