3 September 2018

Part Time

Starting a business requires capital. And, unless you’ve got oodles of cash lying around, you’re going to need access to money which will support you through those first tough months until you start turning a profit. ...

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29 August 2018

In our latest infographic we look at the main reasons why the UAE is the destination of choice for entrepreneurs, showing you why you should start a business here. ...

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28 August 2018

Banking for startups is set to become considerably easier in the UAE thanks to a raft of new proposals from Dubai Chamber. The proposed changes can only enhance the UAE’s status as one of the world’s leading startup destinations. The measures are designed to remove the biggest barrier to starting a new venture in the UAE – opening and managing a new account. Here we look at these proposed changes in more detail. ...

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27 August 2018


If you’ve ever walked around one of the UAE’s famous malls, you’ll know exactly how big the appetite for high fashion is in this part of the world. Spending on consumer goods grew by 37% in the UAE in Q4 2017 in comparison to the same period the year before. Such incredible growth presents an opportunity, not just for the large fashion brands, but for home-grown businesses looking to capitalise on this insatiable demand. Here we look at how you can build your own fashion brand in the UAE. ...

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19 August 2018

Leading entrepreneurs take a positive approach to criticism. They use it to boost the success of their company and enhance their own leadership style. In this article, we will discuss why criticism is so important, and outline five ways you can harness it to make significant improvements....

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16 August 2018


Running a business is exciting, but making it a success isn’t easy. While there are many reasons companies fail, perhaps the most common is because a business is struggling with its finances—and this leads to tens of thousands of companies around the world declaring bankruptcy every year. Here are five ways to turn things around if you’re in trouble....

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