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25 October 2015

Dubai Expo 2020

What does a host city have to gain from such a global event? The answer is that it stands to gain a whole lot. The advantages to any host city range from the tangible – such as a direct boost to its economy and infrastructure, to the admittedly less quantifiable (but by no means less important) factors such as advances in cultural relations and diplomacy....

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20 October 2015

Remote workforce

Future HR Trends’ 2015 Report “Profile of the global workforce: present and future” suggests that remote working has now become part of mainstream work culture, with almost 50% of managers in the US, the UK and Germany allowed to work remotely, and the share of managers who work at home in many developing countries rising to between 10% and 20%....

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16 October 2015

When we look at how far the city has come in such a short space of time, it is easy to see why starting a business here is such an attractive prospect to many entrepreneurs. In fact, Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) reports a 13% year-on-year increase in new startups looking to do business in the city....

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5 October 2015


Great leaders have the power to ignite passion, inspire the best in us – and get results. Ok, you knew that, right? Well how about this: In a study of over 3,000 organisations, Daniel Goleman, who popularised ideas around emotional intelligence, showed that leadership style is responsible for up to 30% of a company’s profitability....

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4 October 2015

Starting a business is one thing, making a success of it quite another. Even in a marketplace so full of potential as the UAE, launching a startup is still a leap into the unknown, and it’s not necessarily right for everyone. The following four questions are those we at Virtuzone like prospective clients to ask themselves before they take the leap....

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3 October 2015


How many of you entrepreneurs out there include time off as part of your business plan? Probably not enough. And I bet I know the reason: You fear that any time away will have a negative impact on your business. After all, you are needed 24/7 in those first few years, right? Wrong. And in fact, getting away will actually do your business good. ...

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