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We talk a lot about the sheer number of businesses setting up in Dubai, but what’s equally impressive is the incredible diversity of industries in which they are working. The Brookings Global Metro Monitor ranks metropolitan economies around the world and puts Dubai in an incredible fifth place in terms of “overall performance”, while the Global Innovation Index (GII) study found the UAE to be the most innovative country in the Middle East. This is all about Dubai pushing forward in technological development and encouraging public/private sector collaboration. The end result: An amazing playing field for businesses. Let’s take a look at three which have taken full advantage of the infrastructure to rise to new heights.

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Venture capital

While venture capitalists may have deep pockets, they only got that way through calculated, shrewd and precise investments. Pick any renowned venture capitalist at random and chances are they have probably only invested in around 1-2% of the businesses they’ve evaluated — or perhaps far fewer! This is what makes these four UAE companies all that much more impressive. Let’s have a look at some of our homegrown successes.

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Solar energy

Our polluting technologies have been a key factor behind climate change, pumping excessive carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as we burn fossil fuels like oil and gas to get the necessary energy for our daily living needs. Meanwhile, our very reliance on these fossil fuels has meant they have become harder and more expensive to source. So we know we need energy to keep the lights on and we also know oil, gas and coal are finite resources that are causing a great deal of damage. It’s for these reasons that the UAE has led the way in becoming an early adopter and leading country for promoting renewable energy sources, and why there are big opportunities on the horizon for the green-preneur.

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Life partners

When it comes to the world of the entrepreneur, assumptions are incredibly important. No matter how hard we try it is impossible to know all things at all times, and making a quick assumption here and there can be a great tool for planning your next move. Having said that, there are some things you never want to assume when it comes to your business, and in this article we look at five of these.

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Call center

The UAE is alive with the pulse of business. It’s an international hub, a glittering destination that attracts high flyers, entrepreneurs, and tourists with cash to flash. It’s no wonder that there are so many sectors that are growing in strength and flourishing throughout the emirates. From that vibrant pool of industrial success, we dissect five sectors that are rife for new business opportunities and growth.

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When we talk about “great ideas” like Facebook’s social platform or Apple’s iPad or Tesla’s electric cars, we are not really talking about superior ideas, but about the superior execution of an idea that was already out there. And so instead of wracking your brains trying to come up with that “billion dollar idea”, how about just doing some market research to see what sectors are heating up? In this article we present five such sectors that startup entrepreneurs should jump on.

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Business ideas

Note: This article also appeared in Entrepreneur Middle East, and can be viewed on the…

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Virtual Reality

Clearly we are at the beginning phase of the virtual reality push, and no doubt have only begun to tap the enormous potential. The technology has the potential to enhance just about anything and everything, and because of its open-source nature there are literally thousands of potential entry points for tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Naturally there will be plenty of trial and error as new applications hit the market and consumers get used to what is likely to be a rapidly evolving technology, but those who persevere will be part of a technology revolution with unlimited rewards.

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