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Unicorn sighting? What you can learn from the UAE’s billion-dollar frontrunners

Uber. Airbnb. Dropbox. They’re household names – unicorns – all valued at over USD 1bn. But what about the Middle East’s rapidly growing digital disruptors such as Propertyfinder, Wadi and Namshi? These Dubai-based unicorns-in-waiting are attracting huge amounts of investment, underlining the UAE’s status as one of the best places in the world to hatch a technology business. So, what are these UAE startups doing that attracts investors like bees to honey? More importantly, what can you do to follow suit?

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Low-cost training for Dubai startups

Low-cost training for Dubai startups

Training staff is great for business. But what if you’re a cash-strapped startup? Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a highly-trained, highly motivated workforce without spending a fortune.

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Why you need VirtuAccounts for your business {INFOGRAPHIC}

In our latest infographic we look at certain obstacles you might encounter if you do not opt in for Virtuzone’s VirtuAccounts.

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Time is running out: How to become legal as a social influencer in the UAE

UAE Influencer License: Everything You Need to Know (2018 edition)

Social media influencing has become big business, with some influencers (people with thousands of followers on social media) revealing they can earn monthly or even annual salaries per post. Yet while marketing and advertising are pretty heavily regulated across the globe, the ethics of influencer marketing on social media has so far remained unchecked. The UAE is rectifying this by bringing in new regulations which will now require influencers to obtain licenses in order to continue operating legally.

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5 lessons for entrepreneurial success {INFOGRAPHIC}

In our latest infographic we look at five lessons that can help you secure entrepreneurial success in the UAE.

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Leadership style

From startup to big corporation: how to adapt your leadership style

Successful businesses require strong leadership, but the leadership skills that provide the spark for a small business to take off are not the same as the skills required to keep a large corporation powering forward.
As businesses grow, their leaders must adapt and learn. So if you’re a small business leader with ambitions to scale, what are the leadership skills that you’re going to need and how can you acquire them?

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Dubai Education Company

How to obtain KHDA approval for your Dubai educational company

Hunger for excellent education and training is growing fast in the UAE. And according to education industry leaders, demand is currently outstripping supply. So providers of education and training who offer the kind of teaching that UAE residents are looking for can expect to reap rewards in the coming years. However, if your educational company plans to begin offering any kind of training services in Dubai you will first need to obtain approval from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). So, what is KHDA and what do you have to do to get KHDA approval?

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Indian doing business in UAE

Indians, business and the UAE: A recipe for success

For Indian entrepreneurs looking for a place to do business, the UAE has proven to be particularly fertile ground for many years and looks set to continue in that vein for years to come. India has a close historical relationship with the UAE and Indian nationals come to the region every year to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions and secure a future for themselves and their families. So what’s the big attraction?

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Risk Takers In Business

Do entrepreneurs need to take risks to succeed?

‘People who take risks are more likely to succeed as entrepreneurs.’ If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you’ve probably come across this theory before. Usually while learning about the rags-to-riches backstory of your favourite entrepreneur, who, at some point, took a lot of risks which paid off. So is success just a case of daring to do something, or is it more complicated than that? Here are some tell-tale signs of entrepreneurial risk-takers.

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Past due

Debt collection in the UAE

The UAE is one of the most challenging places in the world for collecting debt, according to the 2018 Global Ranking on Debt Collection. It’s not getting any easier over time, and it’s time consuming, stressful and costly for business owners. Still, debt collection needn’t be so burdensome if you know what to look out for, and how to respond effectively when your debtor doesn’t pay on time. Here we look at the steps you need to follow to reclaim your debts.

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