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5 lessons for entrepreneurial success {INFOGRAPHIC}

In our latest infographic we look at five lessons that can help you secure entrepreneurial success in the UAE.

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Brand awareness

Getting noticed: How to build strong brand awareness for your startup

Entrepreneurs often dream of the sort of supercharged brand awareness that eclipses the competitors and becomes so ubiquitous that it enters everyday language. Local companies here in the UAE that have gone from nothing to household names have done so by identifying their ideal customer, offering them sustained engagement and value without appearing to sell, and then harnessing that loyalty by exceeding customers’ expectations. Here we look at three key principles which are not only cost-effective but crucial to the sort of engagement every entrepreneur should be chasing.

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Business opportunities in Dubai

Business opportunities in Dubai

Are you planning to establish a business in the United Arab Emirates? If you are searching for attractive business opportunities in a region that has the potential to reach more consumers, then Dubai should be top of your list. It is one of the seven emirates of the UAE, but it the most famous one. Being the commercial capital of the UAE, Dubai offers unlimited business opportunities.

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Missing something? Why great entrepreneurs lack certain traits

You know by now that an entrepreneur should be bold, and that thriving in uncertainty and having strong vision are all important parts of the success you desire. But what do most entrepreneurs lack, and are those deficiencies to their benefit? Here we dig into this topic to uncover interesting truths that underpin the success and failure you may experience in business.

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Risky business

Risky business? 5 far-fetched business ideas that became big hits

In a single decade, industry thinking can move so quickly that what once seemed ridiculous can not only be made real, but quickly become a cornerstone of society. So what are these once-crazy ideas – and what can you learn from them when developing your business’s offering?

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Overcome anxieties

Fear factor: Four anxieties you must overcome to succeed as an entrepreneur

Many would-be business founders never take the leap into entrepreneurship, for fear of what might happen. But is fear a barrier to success or a motivator? Here we look at four common fears that haunt new entrepreneurs, how they can affect your business, and how to overcome them – or at least start thinking about them in a different way.

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Business success

Disrupting the market: is it essential for business success?

It’s become a catch-all phrase for almost any business innovation that shakes up and challenges the dominance of incumbents in a given market: disruptive innovation. But what if your business idea is not so revolutionary? What if it’s just a service or product that fills a gap in the market? Can it succeed without setting out to be disruptive? And what can you learn from those disruptive success stories that could be of benefit to your own business?

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AI efficiency

Can AI help your startup cut costs and improve efficiency?

You will no doubt have read how the likes of Google, Amazon and Apple are making a huge push with artificial intelligence (AI) in their new products. But what does this mean for the workforce? Will it be a good thing, freeing humans from the mundane jobs and enabling them to explore their creative talents, or will it just put half the population out of work? And as the owner of a startup, what does it mean for your business specifically?

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Company growth

Too big too soon? The fine art of managing company growth

Managing growth is about more than just the present. Considering and seizing opportunity only as it arises may work for some, but it isn’t enough for the entrepreneur who is seeking genuine, sustainable expansion for their business. Growth can contain an insidious threat that is couched deceptively within current success. The picture is repeated every year across the global business world; revenue is increasing, clients are flooding in and as suddenly as success appears, it is followed by failure. So today we talk growth: why it matters, where entrepreneurs get it wrong and how you can learn to capitalise on it safely.

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Entrepreneurs growth

5 tough lessons every successful entrepreneur has to learn

Entrepreneurs are thriving, especially in the UAE. According to MAGNiTT, in the first half of 2017, 27% of investment deals in the UAE were at seed stage, showing active investment in early stage startups. Yet while your entrepreneurial dreams may have been boosted by hearing many success stories, there are always things you won’t have heard. I’m talking about the lessons that those who’ve already made it don’t really want to share – for fear of embarrassment or scaring away others. So here are five of the biggest lessons a budding entrepreneur should learn, and how to use them to build a stronger business.

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