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5 benefits of setting up a branch office of your company in the UAE

The UAE’s authorities aim to make it as easy as possible for foreign companies to start a business in the country. This is the guiding idea behind the wide range of options available in the UAE’s free zones, offshore companies and mainland businesses. If you are interested in the UAE market but aren’t necessarily ready to take the plunge and launch a fully-fledged company there, opening a branch office might just be the way to go. There are several different branch office structures, but they all allow a foreign company to establish a presence in the UAE while retaining complete ownership of the business from abroad. This makes them an appealing option for companies that want to ‘test the waters’.

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Dubai is boosting startups and SMEs – are you capitalising?

It’s good to know that the UAE government continues in its determined push to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to start and grow an enterprise. Proof of this proactivity is in the avalanche of new initiatives aimed at cutting red tape and fostering growth. In fact, the city’s Department of Economic Development (DED) has gone into overdrive to help entrepreneurs start and grow their ventures. There’s a wealth of information out there, so to help out, I’ve pulled together the latest and most exciting entrepreneur-friendly initiatives from the Dubai DED, and summarised how they can help catalyse your business activities in the UAE.

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From Dubai to Cali: Startup tips that bring Silicon Valley to the Middle East

A growing number of entrepreneurs based in the Emirates are bridging the gap between the Middle East and California: in establishing and developing strong links with Silicon Valley to take their tech businesses to the next level. Here we look at how the UAE’s leading tech pioneers are making this leap, then examine the support available to entrepreneurs seeking to follow suit of those trailblazers who have put the UAE on the global tech map.

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Why Creative City is a great option

Why Creative City is a great option for general trading company licenses

Generally speaking, the UAE offers a very friendly environment to entrepreneurs, yet one area that can be a challenge is when businesses see an opportunity to shift their business model. In much of the UAE, a company must carry out the activities stated on its business license or apply for an expensive ‘dual license’. However, Fujairah’s Creative City free zone offers entrepreneurs the ability to combine more than one kind of business activity under the same license at no extra cost.

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How to make sense of the ‘designation’ section of your UAE visa application

The UAE has a relatively straightforward visa application process. However, one area that many expats often struggle with is the ‘designation’ (job title) section on the application form. There are literally thousands of different job titles to choose from – anything from ‘sandwich maker’ to ‘CEO’. While in many cases a title really is little more than a title, it’s important to understand designations before you send off your application. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Global business

The UAE is one of the best places in the world to locate a startup due to its healthy economy, attractive finance options, impressive infrastructure and extensive government support. But the icing on the cake for many entrepreneurs is the exciting mix of potential clients – right on your doorstep. Here we break down why the UAE has such a strong pool of potential clients for any entrepreneur looking to set up shop here.

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Sharjah media city free zone

Despite the name, Sharjah Media City Free Zone in fact welcomes over 120 types of business – many of which are working in fields not traditionally considered as media providers. With this in mind, any businesses that are considering launching in Sharjah should definitely include Shams on their list of places to consider.

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Setting up an offshore company in Dubai

Investors looking for returns in the UAE’s promising real estate market can often gain a further advantage by purchasing property through an offshore holding company. Not only can this approach help to increase ROI but there are also many other benefits with regards to limiting personal liability and retaining privacy and confidentiality when investing. And there can be few better places to set up your real estate holding company than Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA).

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All about share capital

Essentially, different free zones have different requirements when it comes to declaring share capital in your business during the application process. Here we explore the requirements around share capital in UAE free zone companies, so you can be clear what’s needed for your business.

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Indian doing business in UAE

For Indian entrepreneurs looking for a place to do business, the UAE has proven to be particularly fertile ground for many years and looks set to continue in that vein for years to come. India has a close historical relationship with the UAE and Indian nationals come to the region every year to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions and secure a future for themselves and their families. So what’s the big attraction?

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