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Office at home

Office-less working. Working from home. Telecommuting. Whatever you call it, it’s definitely on the rise. For employees today, work is often seen as an activity not a place, and organisations of all sizes are scrambling to accommodate for fear of becoming uncompetitive. For some businesses allowing employees to work from home has been hugely successful – leading to productivity, morale and retention gains while reducing costs. However, for others it has not suited their business model. In this article we look at the office-less environment to help entrepreneurs in the UAE decide whether it’s the right option for them.

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Listening skills

Every year, millions of new businesses are launched around the world. And with this tidal wave of entrepreneurship comes an even bigger tsunami of advice from books, magazines, consultants, self-styled business gurus and university professors. And while a lot of the info sounds spot on, some of the most commonly repeated advice may in fact be the most misleading. Let’s take a look at some “words of wisdom” that may in fact slow you down.

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Your Dubai business is off the ground. So what next? As a city that never stops growing and is comprised of a diverse, largely expat society, this is a place companies, investors and customers thrive and intertwine in a unique business ecosystem. To be part of this will be a true adventure and there is every opportunity to succeed – you just need to get organised. With that in mind, let’s look at four areas that should be top of mind as you open the shutters on your new Dubai venture.

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Solar energy

Our polluting technologies have been a key factor behind climate change, pumping excessive carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as we burn fossil fuels like oil and gas to get the necessary energy for our daily living needs. Meanwhile, our very reliance on these fossil fuels has meant they have become harder and more expensive to source. So we know we need energy to keep the lights on and we also know oil, gas and coal are finite resources that are causing a great deal of damage. It’s for these reasons that the UAE has led the way in becoming an early adopter and leading country for promoting renewable energy sources, and why there are big opportunities on the horizon for the green-preneur.

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UAE entrepreneurs

Free Zones, tax and duty exemption, low levels of red tape – it’s no secret that the United Arab Emirates has long been a magnet for entrepreneurs starting or relocating their business. Ranked 31 worldwide in ‘ease of doing business’ and placing very high on the happiness index (yes, there’s a happiness index) the UAE boasts everything you need to develop a product or service.

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It wasn’t that long ago that electric vehicles were somewhat of a rarity, seemingly owned solely by Hollywood A-listers or hardcore environmentalists. But that’s changing quite rapidly nowadays, and if industry experts are to be believed, those electric vehicles will soon dominate our roads – and eventually replace outright their gas-guzzling counterparts. And make no mistake: The electric revolution will bring massive opportunities for investors and startups in the space.

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