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Boss calls

Sure, there will always be an element of natural charm and even luck when it comes to sales, but those who succeed above and beyond everyone else are always found to be putting in the hours to overcome stumbling blocks – rather than offering an excuse at every turn. It may be anecdotal, but the oft-quoted line ‘80% of sales are achieved by just 8% of the salesforce’ has more than a little truth to it. Let’s look at six of the top excuses those who don’t fall into the “8% category” often come up with.

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If I had to prioritise business to do’s, this is how I’d do it

You, as business owner and leader and chief strategist, should be focused on a few key areas above all others – areas that are geared towards company growth and market dominance. No, it does not mean you do not look at other aspects of the business, but your attention and your time always need to be focused on a few no-nonsense and practical pursuits that are ultimately your company’s building blocks in the beginning, and its foundation at all times.

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At least once a quarter you should put forth these four questions with the right people from your team, gather all necessary intelligence to ensure you have the right info at your fingertips to take the best decisions, and then do whatever is necessary to stay on top of these core fundamentals.

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Going the extra mile with sales

Success in sales, perhaps more than any other job role, comes from the sheer effort that the salesperson puts in. In fact, only 2% of sales occur at a first meeting, which means that 98% of the time you are going to have to literally “chase down” that sale. This does not mean hound and stalk and become a royal pain, but it does mean you are going to have to do a lot more than send off the information and wait for a response.

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How to find your negotiation comfort zone


While negotiation is one of the most crucial business skills to develop and develop well, it must be said that it is for many a rather painful part of the corporate world. Due to a potentially long list of reasons, a lot of otherwise extremely capable business people at all levels – from the junior salesperson all the way up to the CEO – simply don’t like it.

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Avoid these 5 common sales mistakes


For the vast majority of new businesses, sales is top of mind day-in and day-out. While it is hard to rank tasks according to importance (it literally seems as though everything matters at a startup, doesn’t it?), we have to look at early sales success as key not just to growth, but to survival.

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Business networking

Despite all of the tools the modern entrepreneur has at his or her disposal in the digital age, there is still one old business trick that has always stood the test of time – networking. And we mean real networking, as in face-to-face, shaking hands.

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Does cold calling work?

Cold calling work

According to a recent survey, only 11-17% percent of business prospects were annoyed by getting an unsolicited cold call. Much more significant is the fact that 45-53% of the executives interviewed said that a cold call they received had helped vendors leapfrog onto the consideration shortlist for purchases. So, do you cold call?

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