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Sharjah media city free zone

Why Sharjah Media City Free Zone is popular with businesses

Despite the name, Sharjah Media City Free Zone in fact welcomes over 120 types of business – many of which are working in fields not traditionally considered as media providers. With this in mind, any businesses that are considering launching in Sharjah should definitely include Shams on their list of places to consider.

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Setting up an offshore company in Dubai

Looking to purchase real estate in the UAE? Here’s why you need to set up a JAFZA offshore holding company

Investors looking for returns in the UAE’s promising real estate market can often gain a further advantage by purchasing property through an offshore holding company. Not only can this approach help to increase ROI but there are also many other benefits with regards to limiting personal liability and retaining privacy and confidentiality when investing. And there can be few better places to set up your real estate holding company than Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA).

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All about share capital

Share capital in free zone companies: What’s the full story?

Essentially, different free zones have different requirements when it comes to declaring share capital in your business during the application process. Here we explore the requirements around share capital in UAE free zone companies, so you can be clear what’s needed for your business.

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Brand awareness

Getting noticed: How to build strong brand awareness for your startup

Entrepreneurs often dream of the sort of supercharged brand awareness that eclipses the competitors and becomes so ubiquitous that it enters everyday language. Local companies here in the UAE that have gone from nothing to household names have done so by identifying their ideal customer, offering them sustained engagement and value without appearing to sell, and then harnessing that loyalty by exceeding customers’ expectations. Here we look at three key principles which are not only cost-effective but crucial to the sort of engagement every entrepreneur should be chasing.

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Debt collection

5 easy ways startups can manage debts from day one

Starting your own business often means getting into debt. You might have a little equity of your own for the setup. But chances are you’ll also be using a loan, a credit card, or even a few investors. And as startups generally don’t see profit for three to five years, this means you’ll be in debt to some degree until business takes off. So here are five easy ways to keep on top of it – along with a few warnings to keep in mind.

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Dubai Education Company

How to obtain KHDA approval for your Dubai educational company

Hunger for excellent education and training is growing fast in the UAE. And according to education industry leaders, demand is currently outstripping supply. So providers of education and training who offer the kind of teaching that UAE residents are looking for can expect to reap rewards in the coming years. However, if your educational company plans to begin offering any kind of training services in Dubai you will first need to obtain approval from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). So, what is KHDA and what do you have to do to get KHDA approval?

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Risk Takers In Business

Do entrepreneurs need to take risks to succeed?

‘People who take risks are more likely to succeed as entrepreneurs.’ If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you’ve probably come across this theory before. Usually while learning about the rags-to-riches backstory of your favourite entrepreneur, who, at some point, took a lot of risks which paid off. So is success just a case of daring to do something, or is it more complicated than that? Here are some tell-tale signs of entrepreneurial risk-takers.

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Net worth individual

Big money: How to launch your UAE company targeting high net worth individuals

If your background is in industries that target high net worth individuals (HNWIs), the UAE presents a highly attractive destination for your services. Whether you provide financial management, luxury goods, healthcare or entertainment, the country’s fast-growing HNWI population means demand for your business is huge – and it’s only set to grow. Here we discuss why you should set up a company to target this sector in the UAE and how to go about it.

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Business woman

How to choose the right business activity for your UAE company

When starting a new business, entrepreneurs are faced with a number of important decisions. One of the first that you’ll need to make when setting up in the UAE is choosing which business activity you are going to trade under. Essentially, this is a question of the industry you are going to trade in and the types of activities you wish to undertake. Your chosen activity will determine not only the type of business you are permitted to carry out but also, in some cases, the area in which you can set up. Here we look at everything you need to know to make this decision.

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Sharjah media city free zone

Applying for a visa through Sharjah Media City Free Zone (Shams)

The UAE’s free zones are hugely popular with entrepreneurs from around the world. Offering a host of benefits such as 0% corporate and personal tax, 100% company ownership, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, no currency restrictions, and 100% import and export tax exemption, it’s not hard to see why. Each free zone also has its own unique set of business advantages that differentiate it from others in the region. Take Sharjah Media City Free Zone (Shams) for example. Here’s everything you need to know before you apply for a visa through Shams.

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