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A step-by-step guide to securing your UAE free zone visa

There are plenty of entries on the entrepreneur’s to-do list, particularly when establishing a company overseas. One of the most pressing is the matter of visas – not just for business owners but for their employees, family members and domestic staff. Fortunately, here in the UAE, applying for visas is simple – particularly when you set up in one of the nation’s free zones. Free zone authorities or a company formation specialist can work with you on every step of the process to ensure your application is completed correctly and to help you to avoid any unnecessary delays.

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What is a free zone and why should you consider one for your company setup?

The UAE has long been an attractive destination for entrepreneurs the world over. Offering low tax, a strategic location at the heart of the world’s largest and fastest emerging markets, and a government committed to nurturing and supporting business, it’s not hard to see why. While these may be the factors that get the headlines, there’s another major reason why so many flock to the UAE’s shores to do business – free zones. But what exactly is a free zone and why should you consider it for your company setup?

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Starting a business in Dubai (2018): Everything you need to know

For those of us already living and working in the UAE, the decision to do business here can seem like something of a no brainer. For those coming from overseas however, the processes, customs and quirks of business in this part of the world can be a little daunting and potentially even off-putting.

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7 steps to get National Media Council approval for your UAE publication

Whether you plan to launch a new magazine or introduce an existing publication from abroad, you cannot simply open an office and start printing your UAE publication. Would-be magazine publishers first need National Media Council (NMC) approval – this is the government body which regulates media in the UAE. The process of getting NMC approval may at first appear complex – but with an understanding of how the process works in place, your licence should be signed off quickly and you can get publishing in no time.

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Cost structure

The price is right – is your startup on the money when it comes to cost structure?

Pricing is everything for startups. Nowhere is the issue of pricing more important than the UAE, home of some of the most exciting and highest-stake new ventures on the planet. And some of these ventures could be hugely influential. Of the 100 startups pinpointed by the World Economic Forum to shape the fourth industrial revolution, 27 are from the UAE. There is no reason why your startup couldn’t be among them one day – if you get your pricing strategy right. But why do we say this? Why is it so important?

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Setting up a company branch office in the UAE – the how, the why and the what

There are many good reasons to think about establishing a company branch office in the UAE – from favourable tax treatment to gaining a foot in the door of a new market. In this article we look at the different types of branch office you can set up in the Emirates, and exactly what each is permitted to do.

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Risky business

Risky business? 5 far-fetched business ideas that became big hits

In a single decade, industry thinking can move so quickly that what once seemed ridiculous can not only be made real, but quickly become a cornerstone of society. So what are these once-crazy ideas – and what can you learn from them when developing your business’s offering?

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The tax question – is setting up a company in the UAE really as good as it sounds?

When you’re looking to set up a business – anywhere in the world – the tax environment in your chosen location has a huge bearing on your decision. And it’s a major reason why so many entrepreneurs and business owners from around the world choose to set up their business in the UAE every year. In the past, the UAE has been held up as the land of zero tax – a place to make it big in business and keep hold of all your profits. But does ‘tax free’ really tell the full story?

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Key to success

Look the other way: Is ignoring the competition really the key to success?

To ignore or not to ignore competitors. If that’s the question, what is the answer? In this article we look at both sides of the argument and understand where the entrepreneur should stand on what is both an important but often divisive issue. Is there a middle path through all this, and if so what does it look like in practical terms?

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Overcome anxieties

Fear factor: Four anxieties you must overcome to succeed as an entrepreneur

Many would-be business founders never take the leap into entrepreneurship, for fear of what might happen. But is fear a barrier to success or a motivator? Here we look at four common fears that haunt new entrepreneurs, how they can affect your business, and how to overcome them – or at least start thinking about them in a different way.

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