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Burning out

Burnout is a term used to describe a particular feeling; a tiredness that isn’t resolved by getting a good night’s sleep, an exhaustion that sinks into your bones. Entrepreneurs are well known for the long hours and hard work they put in to establishing their businesses, but a growing body of research shows that there is a price to pay – and it can be severe. A 2015 study carried out by the Australian Institute of Business specifically into stress-related issues experienced by solo entrepreneurs found that 87.5% are being prevented from thinking clearly and completing work quickly, due to stress and fatigue. But successful startups are hard to operate, and without looking out for the signs of burnout and knowing how to deal with them, can you succeed?

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Why an unhealthy CEO is bad for business

As a CEO or business leader you may think your health and your business are two separate things. But it’s not true. Few CEOs would like to admit it, but these two aspects of life rely on each other in a fundamental way. When one falters, so does the other. Poor health and a poor lifestyle on the part of the CEO can result in the decline and even the death of the business. In this article we look at what you need to know in order to stop that from happening.

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Running your own business takes sacrifice. Be it the loss of a social life as long hours, late nights and working weekends become the norm. Or the financial burden of stepping away from the security of a steady paycheck and into the relative unknown of entrepreneurship. Then there is the strain that getting a business off the ground can place on health – both mental and physical. So, if you are intent on starting your own company, it’s best to abide by these five basic rules of startup life.

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Whether you operate alone or oversee a large team of employees, being able to let go of work can be incredibly difficult. In fact, there are often times when you probably feel like you have no choice but to work every hour of the day simply to keep the ship afloat. Let’s face it, it’s not in an entrepreneur’s DNA to say no to a client or miss a deadline. But you must learn how to let go at times. Here is why. And here is how.

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It’s important to understand that your company’s performance may truly suffer if you do not learn how to disconnect. Productivity is indeed affected quite considerably if we are working long hours without mixing things up, and for those entrepreneurs who are unable to turn off and recharge, their businesses may not be living up to their full potential. In other words, those “mental escapes” are a key ingredient for growing your business.

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9 rules for the entrepreneur to live by

In this article I share with you my top nine rules for the entrepreneur to live by. How many of these do you already believe in? Which ones do you think are important and which ones not so important? And what other key ones do you think are missing from the list?

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What it’s like working for a startup


Are you startup employee material, or big corporate? Do you like the fast-paced and possibly even confusing environment of a startup where your job title might not mean all that much because you’ll be filling different roles at different times? Or would you rather do the 9 to 5, tucked away in that cubicle waiting for the orders to trickle down from wherever they come down from? The environments really are quite different, and in this article I explore just that. From working hours to recognition to pay, let’s see what the startup world is serving up.

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IT service

I don’t do complex. This goes for every aspect of my life – I don’t like clutter, I don’t like having fifty irons in the fire at once, I don’t like a to-do list that never gets any smaller, and I especially don’t like running from one meeting to the next without being able to catch my thoughts. In short, I like to keep things simple – and so should you.

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Despite the general acceptance in the modern age that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, there are still many entrepreneurs out there who fail to draw the link between physical and mental fitness and business success. If you ask me, keeping our health and wellbeing in check is just as important as balancing the books when it comes to making your business a successful one.

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Why business owners must take holidays


How many of you entrepreneurs out there include time off as part of your business plan? Probably not enough. And I bet I know the reason: You fear that any time away will have a negative impact on your business. After all, you are needed 24/7 in those first few years, right? Wrong. And in fact, getting away will actually do your business good.

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