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How do I start the visa process?

Once your establishment card is issued you will need to contact your Visa Consultant. They will guide you through the process and collect the necessary documents.

Can I transfer my company to another free zone?

As of right now it is not possible to transfer your company to a different free zone. However you can set up a branch of your existing company in a different free zone.

What do I need to open a UAE bank account?

In order to open a UAE bank account you will need to provide the following documents:

  • The original corporate documents that you have received from Virtuzone
  • CV of Shareholders and Directors
  • A business summary
  • Additional documents may also be requested

How much does it cost to open bank account?

Opening a UAE bank account is free of charge. However each bank has its own requirements about the minimum monthly balance.

How can I collect my company documents?

Once your license issued you will receive an email from the Virtuzone team. Then, schedule a meeting with our Client Service Specialist and collect your documents at a convenient time.

What is the process and procedure for renewing my trade license?

Your relationship manager will send you notifications for renewal 3 months before it is due. When it is convenient for you contact them and they will handle the procedure for you.

What is the process and procedure for renewing my visa(s)?

The first step is to do your medical fitness test and register for Emirates ID renewal. Once this is done and the medical results issued, come in to Virtuzone with your valid passport (with 3 empty pages and validity of at least 7 months remaining) along with other required documents. Your Visa Specialist will then guide you through the process.

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