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Dubai mainland company set-up literally allows for thousands of business license categories to cater to just about any business activity. Activities can at times even be bundled if your business idea crosses into two defined licenses. With certain activities, special approval is required from the relevant government department, and Virtuzone will guide you here from commencement to completion.


Gyms or gymnasiums relate to fitness centres and health clubs and can be formed as either professional licenses or LLCs.


A wide variety of trading activities can be related to import or export. These licenses enable you to trade freely with mainland clients without having to use distributors, as is the case with free zone licenses.


Manufacturing licenses cover the manufacture of goods in the UAE for distribution locally and globally.


Retail licenses cover shops in malls and other outlets and include everything from clothing shops to books stores to convenience stores and more.


Hospitality licenses cover food and beverage activities such as cafes, bars and restaurants.


Healthcare licenses cover the medical industry and require special approval from the Dubai Heath Authority – which Virtuzone assists with.

Events and Entertainment

Events and Entertainment Licenses that fall under this category include event management and event planning for private and public events.