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 Setting up your UAE company starts with Virtuzone.

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Once your business is up and running in the UAE, you as the business owner can apply for your UAE residence visa. And you're also able to apply for UAE visas for your dependents, such as family members or those you hire for your household (for example, your maid, driver, or nanny).

The process of applying for the visa or visas – which remain valid for a period of one to three years – is incredibly simple, and made up of several steps. Virtuzone is there to help guide all of our clients and their dependents through the process, and because we have literally done this thousands of times before, we're able to ensure the entire affair stays extremely easy and stress free for you.

With Virtuzone, each free zone company setup package is designed around the number of visas that are required, and the prices are all inclusive - meaning you don't have to worry about any hidden costs popping up later.


The type of company you choose to set up with Virtuzone,  will dictate the number of visas that you are eligible to apply for.You will be provided with all the options which gives you the flexibility to staff your new company effectively from the start. And unlike other options, with Virtuzone the full allocation of the visas is available without having to rent any office space.



The benefits of having a UAE residence visa

It's important to note that you can also set up a UAE free zone company with Virtuzone without needing to get visas. That is perfectly acceptable and of course depends on your personal situation and whether a visa would benefit you or is required for your particular circumstances.


But if you do choose to get a UAE visa, the benefits are many, and include the ability to open a private current account (that is, separate from your corporate account), the ability to sponsor your family, the ability to obtain a UAE driver's license and purchase a vehicle, and the ability to rent property. And of course, the biggest of all benefits is that you now have a residence in a non-tax jurisdiction country and, depending on your overall situation, may not be required to pay any taxes at all to your home country.